Sunday, August 26, 2012

"7 Colors Of Feelings"

I absolutely loved this when I saw it!  I shared it on facebook but had to post it on my blog as well.  All the books out there and therapy sessions that couples can go through and the cost of all of that and yet here in this quote above it seems so simple and clear.

"2 hearts sharing 7 colors of feelings."  Hmm, I knew right away when I saw this which one's were missing from both my relationships that I was committed to.  This really helped me to see this spelled out this way and I will try hard to never get into a relationship that is missing one of the 7 colors of the relationship rainbow of feelings again.

It wasn't right for me to settle for 6 out of 7 or 5 out of 7 ect.  Then I tried to get the ones that weren't there and that becomes work in the relationship that wore me out even though I stayed committed for 25 years the first time and with the second relationship I ended it after 8 years knowing that I would never get what was missing.  After a while in my first marriage my soul was starving for what was missing and that is a dangerous place to be because then I accepted a relationship because it had that one or two things that were missing from the first and I again settled for less than all "7 of the colors of feelings."

Now after my second divorce I have committed to taking some time to fill my soul with all 7 colors of feelings in my relationships with my adult kids, family and close friends.

Life is meant to be lived fully.

Peace and Love to you,


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