Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seeing Clearly Is Kinda Cool!

So, I am in another transition!  Do they ever stop?  I suppose if you are someone like me probably NOT!

I have been having such a pitty party lately and found it amazing that I slid into this but I guess that is what happens when you feel like the rug is pulled out from under you.

As I was settling into this single life and focus on my career and spending good quality time with my kids who are adults now and one a teenager, I was feeling very comfortable.  I hadn't thought that I would be moving and purchasing a new home for about 2 more years but my ex-husband was ready to make some agreements that has made it a good opportunity to move now.

I posted earlier that I am alone in this but as I cried and complained and reached out to friends and family, I found a lot of hands reaching to give me support.  So I brush my self off and wonder who the heck threw that dirt on me anyway but I guess it was just my silly fears getting me down and dirty.

I hate when that happens!  But I am so happy to see so many people love on me when I needed it.

Yeah, I need to remember that I did this!!!

I am truly blessed!

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