Monday, August 20, 2012

Truth or Dare? I chose TRUTH!

I love this quote from a German Philosopher that I came across years ago.  It goes like this;

"The insight into the three steps all truths go through before they are accepted;
1. It is ridiculed
2. It is violently opposed
3. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."
---Aurthur Schopenhauer

I think of the times when I tell someone the truth as I know it and for reasons of their own I maybe ridiculed or what I told them is violently opposed.  Once, a person has done their own do diligence or they see through their smoke filled lenses and finally accept the truth as self evident then and only then is there TRUTH BETWEEN US!

That is a glorious moment!

I have learned that trying to convince someone of the truth is a waste of my time and energy and sometimes only fuels the ridicule and opposition.  So now I walk and let the person sit in their place until they accept and I move on to less resistant because after all if I stay in the energy of the ridicule or opposed then it keeps me away from the individuals who are open to newness and change.

Truth or Dare?

Are you ready to walk in truth?

Come on, I dare you!

Life is short folks!  Stand firm, stand strong and be powerful in knowing the truth!  The truth of who you are!


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