Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating my friend's!

This is a glorious morning! Thank you God!

Went for a walk and thought about all the friends I have, old and new and felt so blessed by each one for the good times as well as the not so good times that have taught me amazing lessons in life.  Acquaintances that became incredibly close friendships in a short amount of time, friendships that simmer slowly throughout many years and the fleeting moment friendships that come and go just at the right time that deliver just what you need at that very moment!

"Everyone needs friends.  When you're with them, you can be totally lost, yet feel right at home.  You can be heartbroken, yet find yourself giggling uncontrollably.  You can be doing something that should be completely boring and realize that you're having the time of your life."  --------- Sarah Mueller

I feel so blessed for all my friendships!

Thinking about all my relationships.  Where they are now.  Where they have gone and where they are going and then of course having faith in God to be the captain of my ship and continue to guide me!

Love all my friend's!

Have a glorious day!

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