Sunday, November 11, 2012

When God Sends Angel's

In previous posts I have said that I am in this alone this time but God sends angel's.  The first time I went through a divorce and purchased my own home my mother was alive.  This past week I celebrated being legally divorced for 1 year and I am in the process of purchasing a town home.  It has been incredibly stressful and amazing at the same time.

As a Physical Therapist Assistant working in the Skilled Nursing Home environment I have experienced 3 patients that have made me feel my mother's presence so strongly that one day I came home calling a friend of mine crying and not understanding what was happening.  Then suddenly I realized that one woman has the same illness and terminal diagnosis as my Mother but she is crabby and although she has 4 children non of them are here with her and she is now on hospice.  This part is not at all like my Mother but I watch this woman suffer the same pain.

The second woman has the sweet, gentle and compassionate nature as my Mother and I love talking to her.

The third is a 5 foot small woman with a sense of humor and belly laugh just like my Mother.  She is sweet and she looks so much like my Mother.  We laugh and cry together.  She has said things to me that are word for word exactly what my Mother has said to me.  Many times I have left her room praising God for his good grace!

I am blessed and I know it!

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